List of Browsers with Default VPN on Android 2021


VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service with a magical touch that will encrypt activity on the Internet and hide the user’s location. In addition, a VPN can also unblock some sites that are blocked based on geolocation or by the relevant network provider.

VPN Pros and Cons

There are so many benefits that you can get such as being able to customize security features, cost effective solutions for large business organizations with dedicated networks and increasing organizational mobility by connecting directly to the home or work network.

However, there are some drawbacks such as a security factor that could leak. So that sensitive company information can be accessed globally. Thus, it requires extra attention to its security.

Now some browsers have provided a built-in VPN so that they are not used separately. Here is the discussion.

Tenta Private VPN Browser

Tenta is a browser that prioritizes security and privacy. This browser has a built-in virtual private network that is available for free but has some limitations.

Tenta also offers a paid version of their VPN which unlocks all servers and can be used outside of those browsers.

Some of the servers available include the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Korea, India and many more. In the free version can open one of those servers. However, there is good news that there is no limit in bandwidth usage. In addition, Tenta can also be downloaded for free.

Aloha Browser

Aloha is a browser that has a built-in virtual private network as well. The main features of Aloha are unlimited traffic, unsaved activity logs, IP address hiding to avoid trackers and DNS leak prevention.

This browser offers more than 10 virtual private network servers located in America, Africa and Europe. However, the same as in Tenta in the free version can not specify a specific location.

Epic Privacy Browser

What’s different about this browser is that to use a VPN you have to download it as an additional extension. There is no bandwidth limit and you can choose the available server locations such as UK, America, France, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands and India.

Opera Browser

Opera has a default VPN that is used without having to create or have an account first. To use a VPN, you just have to go to Settings and then activate the VPN. There is no limit to bandwidth or annoying ads.

You can also customize using the VPN in private and normal mode, or just want it to be private. In fact, the VPN feature built into the browser makes it even easier to use. In addition, VPN on Opera also comes with several options such as virtual location options in America, Asia and Europe.

Cake Web Browser

Cake browser takes the same approach to privacy and security as most of the browsers on this list. Some of them provide features such as do not track, password protection, unlimited VPN services and private tabs with time limits.

If you want to take advantage of all its features you must subscribe, although it does not put a limit on bandwidth. The paid version offers some ability to select a server and use it outside of the Cake application.

Tor Browser

Actually Tor does not have a built-in virtual private network. However, Tor offers key features that are common to VPN services. The Tor browser uses a different approach to protect its users’ activities.

Tor will route browsing traffic through its network using a multi-layered encryption system. Also, just like when using a virtual private network, browsing through Tor will prevent it from being tracked and will allow you to be able to access sites that are blocked either by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your location.




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