How Cloud Computing Works


When using a personal computer, you typically interact with three layers of computing. First, infrastructure or physical devices such as processors, hard drives, memory, or network cards. Second, the platform or operating system that interacts with the hardware. Third, software or word processing software, images, and others.

Just like computers, Cloud Computing also has the concept of three layers of computing even though technically the content is different. In Cloud Computing, the infrastructure components are servers, storage media, and bandwidth provided by the provider. Thus, users can access resources as if they were installed in their place.

The platform layer is a web browser tool that is used to create, test, and deploy web applications. While the software layer is not a desktop-based application, it uses the web which can use any web browser.

Based on how it works, Cloud Computing users can use personal devices such as PCs, laptops, cellphones or other mobile devices via a web browser to access the cloud. This service works on a client-server basis using a web browser protocol. The cloud provides application-based servers and all data services to users with output displayed on the user’s device.

For example, users use cloud storage such as Google Drive to enter Google Drive, the user is required to have an account, the user can log in via the device used.

After logging in via a web browser, users can save or download data stored on Google servers, in this case the application, platform and infrastructure are provided by Google, users only need to have an account, they can use cloud storage for free.



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