Virtual Cloud Technology is Believed to Help Business Sustainability


Virtual Cloud Technology is Believed to Help Business Sustainability – Although a little different, the facts are the same, because the employees are asked to work from home. Departing from there Enterprise Cloud OS, Nutanix announced that they provide enhanced free trial services for Nutanix Frame, for companies in Asia, including Indonesia, which are struggling to face reduced productivity because employees cannot work in the office.

Revealed Matt Young, Head of Asia Pacific and Japan Nutanix, Nutanix Frame is a cloud-based solution that presents a virtual desktop. This solution presents flexibility, safety, security and access that does not depend on or require internal hardware.

Cloud technology is believed to help business sustainability. The adoption of public, private, and hybrid cloud services has maintained the availability and access to important data. At the same time, the transition from hardware-based infrastructure to software means that physical access to the data center is no longer needed and central operations can be handled remotely or sufficiently handled by a few people. As such, the operational heart of many companies remains pulsating.

The real benefit for the company is that DaaS can provide mobility and flexibility for company personnel without sacrificing security, productivity or business performance. DaaS allows staff to work from anywhere, on any device, with complete and safe access to their work desktops, as well as access to various documents and networks in the office.

Nutanix provides a free trial for an unlimited number of users for 30 days, specifically for companies in Asia.Asia, he said, plays an important role as the engine of the world economy and there is a lot of local, national and international pressure on the business world in this region. So Nutanix will continue to ensure that the business world in Asia has access to the latest technology to help them keep moving amid unprecedented situations.



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