Benefits of VPS Subscription (Virtual Private Server) for Business ???


Maybe in 2020 there are still many of us who still use a physical server instead of starting to switch to VPS (Virtual Private Server) as an important file storage company, hosting a more powerful website or as a business venture.

One reason is because the physical server can still be placed in one location with your business.As with physical servers, VPS has a very important function in optimizing the performance of your business, especially those working in digital-based businesses.

  1. Mail Server

If you use email at a shared hosting provider, you will definitely experience a limited email sending quota for each user. With VPS, you can set your own e-mail delivery quota depending on your VPS specifications.

2. Application Server

With VPS, you can build applications that require the installation of certain software. For example for VPN, Proxy, Tunnel, SMS Gateway, Online Game, and many more. Here you must pay attention to application requirements / requirements.

3. VPS as a Backup Server ??

Data security is becoming very scary nowadays. Starting from the ransomware virus attack, trojan, deface, DDOS, viruses and others. So the need for server backup is very necessary for the protection of important business data from various risk threats. Backup server must be separate from the main server so that it can reduce the risk of data loss if the main server is damaged.

4. Web Hosting

VPS is perfect for those of you who want to build web hosting with specifications that can be customized. Unlike shared hosting which requires sharing resources with other websites, VPS has resources that only your own website uses. Especially if your website requires high CPU and memory resources but with a limited budget.



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