Tips for Choosing the Right VPS Hosting in 2020


Have you ever heard the term VPS? Understand what is called a VPS? VPS or VPS hosting is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Server. Its function is to make a website online or widely accessible in cyberspace.

VPS hosting is one of the most popular web hosting services. VPS is a type of hosting that utilizes virtualization technology with dedicated resources on the server even though it is used by more than one user.

You could say VPS hosting is a more stable and safer alternative when compared to shared hosting. The latter is chosen usually because the price is cheaper when compared to VPS hosting where the user must buy or rent the entire server room.

VPS hosting is generally the choice of bloggers or website voters whose sites already have a high number of visits or traffic. If the amount of traffic exceeds the recommended usage limit, this can cause overload.

Seeing its function, you certainly agree that VPS is the most important supporting component of your website. It is not easy to choose VPS services, so you must be willing to spend a little time to survey the various VPS services offered by service providers. The following points can be your guide, as reported by technology news.

1. Knowing website needs

Before you start hunting for quality VPS try to think about what kind of website you want to make. The VPS used for company profile websites is certainly different from the VPS for online shops or e-commerce purposes. The difference is the space and bandwidth. Both of these things can be taken into consideration when buying a quality VPS and most importantly in accordance with needs.

2. hardware

One of the most important components in supporting the existence of a perfect service is qualified hardware. With adequate hardware VPS performance will be more stable. One type of hardware that is recommended, one of which is a SUPERMICRO sophisticated server, SSD storage, processor used, and large memory capacity. Those are some important points to consider before buying VPS services at a web hosting provider.

3. Backup facilities

One more mandatory feature that must be present in your chosen VPS service is the data back up facility. It is better to choose a VPS service provider with these facilities to make it easier for you to optimize website performance, especially on business or e-commerce sites.

4. Support system

Note whether your target VPS is complete with the best supporting facilities. You need a guarantee that the company where you entrust the performance of the website provides customer support services 24 hours a day from 7 days a week. It must be realized that we will never know when technical obstacles will occur. In this condition, of course you want to get a solution in a short time from the service provider.

Quite often a site or web system that has been installed on VPS cannot work properly. If you have already chosen an unmanaged service or the service provider does not guarantee technical support, but there is still no harm in trying to ask for help.

If you are not sure whether your target company is able to provide these services, try contacting customer service. Consider how CS communicates with potential customers like you. Pay attention to whether your questions are responded to quickly enough or not. This can be an assessment of whether you want to receive a VPS offer from a related company or not.

5. Data security

Apart from supporting infrastructure as well as customer support, optimal data security should also be an assessment criterion. Although service providers are able to promise sophisticated infrastructure plus a capable support system, but all of that means nothing if the protection for your data is weak.

6. storage

Generally there are two types of storage offered by service providers, namely solid state drive or SSD and hard disk. If your consideration is price, hard disk storage is cheaper, but VPS performance will be more optimal with SSD. The reason SSD has a better speed when compared to conventional systems. In addition, using SSDs can also anticipate power failure problems that can have an impact on the storage media.

7. price

Of course, from the perspective of the user wants the best quality possible for his website, but with a minimum price. VPS offered at low prices may not necessarily be able to provide positive service, and vice versa, the high price is also not a guarantee that the service is quality. The most important thing is to judge whether the price you pay is indeed commensurate with the service you receive.

It would be wise to choose a local VPS that not only offers aggressive prices, but also promises the best service and quality products.

8. Term of service

Learn company policies for providing VPS services to web hosting providers. This is to anticipate disappointment at the end later if suddenly the service is stopped because you violated the terms of service. For example, the policies imposed by some companies which prohibit their use of immoral content, gambling or copyright infringement. If you know of this action, the company has the right to delete or suspend VPS without even giving the client year.

Anyone who intends to build a website and needs VPS services, needs a truly secure VPS cloud. This can be done by separating one virtual server service from another. Don’t forget to confirm the feature before buying VPS to customer support.

9. traffic

For example like this, a blog or website with more than 2000 people every day is certainly impossible if only requires 256 memory. So before deciding to buy a VPS, don’t hesitate to consult using the available customer service features. Only then can you get detailed information about the services you want to get.

10. technology

Choose a VPS that applies the latest technology so that your website is not out of date. In addition, you also more easily manage your website for various purposes. At least choose a VPS that embeds features for monitoring Inode, Disk Space, RAM, and CPU. Even if the website is built only for a company profile but still make the criteria for using the latest technology in choosing your VPS.



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