Understanding & Benefits of the Use of SSH


The TCP / IP Layer consists of two network protocols, FTP and SSH. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol while SSH stands for Secure Shell. Whereas specifically in this article we will discuss SSH in full starting from understanding to its benefits and the benefits of SSH.

  • Understanding of SSH / Secure Shell

SSH is an application that is used to replace remote logins that have the advantage of being safer than other remote logins, namely rsh, rlogin, and telnet. SSH is the same as telnet, that is, the SSH Client provides users or users with Shell to be able to remote to the machine. Because the main function of the application is to be able to access the machine remotely. But besides the similarities with telnet over SSH it also has a difference with telnet which is SSH there is an encryption connection between the server and the client. If applied the difference is telnet and ssh which is like the difference we visit a normal HTTP website with a more secure HTTPS.

  • Benefits of SSH

SSH has several types of benefits that are very useful and useful, including:

In VPS services with SSH we can run or stop the service and monitor the log file.
We can move freely with the file structure of the hosting account.
With SSH we can do many things compared to web standards in general.
SSH can be used to install software on hosting and can be used to manage MySQL databases.

SSH is used to interact with a server as a result of your PC anywhere being able to keep control of the server that SSH can do. The many advantages of SSH have made Colocation, Dedicated Servers, and VPS in MWN provide SSH features.



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