What you need to know about the Dedicated Server


This article will provide you with an explanation of what a dedicated server really is. Internet requires a server and one of the types is the dedicated server hosting. So, what is the definition of the thing we are discussing here? Well, if you wish to figure out, make sure you read this article until the bottom part!


Like the blood vessels of our body, a server is a thing which is required by the internet as a tool to store and manage files as well as the accessibility of several computers to a network that is centralized. With a server, your website has the ability to connect to the internet so that it can be accessed by everyone. Currently, with the technology we possess, there are several ways that you can use to access the server in order to make your domain goes online, and one of them is the thing is what we are going to discuss today.

What the dedicated server is

When it comes to getting a way to host your domain, there is one option that is very interesting to get and it is the dedicated server hosting. By looking at its name, you would get an impression that it provides you with a single server, right? Well, you are not wrong; it indeed gives you a server that is only be used by you and full control is the thing that you would get when accessing the server. Since you can control the server entirely, you will be able to customize it as heavily and as creatively as you like- although it would be better to customize it based on the purpose of your domain. Since it is only used by a single customer, this kind of server is usually used by websites that are large in size since they need to receive a huge amount of traffic simultaneously (it can amount up to millions).

How does it work?

Well, we have figured out the definition of the server, but how does it work? In order to describe it, then, you will have to imagine that it is a gigantic Personal Computer that is composed of a lot of microprocessors, hard drives, RAMs, and other components. The computer is an analogy for the computer since both of them are used to process a lot of information at once. On the other hand, the dedicated server is only working solely for you!



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