What is VPS?


Some users do not know yet that in server hosting, they are still sharing resources with other users. This is surely difficult for users who want private server management. This is the condition where the presence of VPS is useful. However, there are still some users who do not know about VPS. So, what is VPS actually? And what are its functions?

what is VPS
what is VPS

What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a private server which its entire resource is used by only one user and not influenced or affected by other users. The user is able to thoroughly manage all configurations and resources on VPS and do whatever they want. The technology used by VPS is a physical server hardware virtualization which is then divided into several different resources. It is called virtual because this division is performed by using the software. So that it is possible to run several VPS on one physical server.

If it is likened to a residence, then the physical server is the cluster area while VPS is the house where you live. The rooms at the house such as a living room, bedroom, dining room, garden, kitchen, and others, are described as bandwidth, Central Processing Unit (CPU), disk space, and Random Access Memory (RAM). The house and its rooms are not affected by other houses. Every activity is performed inside the house.

The Functions of VPS

After figuring out the definition of VPS, it is the time to know its functions. Below are some functions of VPS which are mostly used.

  • Web Hosting

VPS is mostly used to execute website pages or also known as web hosting services. The user will use VPS when their services need a higher resource. Most users who use this function of VPS are developers who have a lot of clients or companies that have a high load. Even though there is also an individual who use VPS because the website traffic they manage is already crowded.

  • File Hosting

Besides website page files, VPS can also save private files so that the files can be accessed by using the internet everywhere. The amount of storage capacity on a VPS depends on the package used by the user. The bigger the disk space, the more pricey the subscription fee they have to pay per month.

Those are the definition and functions of VPS that you might want to know.



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