Dedicated Server VS Dedicated Hosting


Dedicated hosting and a dedicated server have a quite similar name. So that it is not surprising that many people think these 2 are the same. However, do you know that dedicated hosting and a dedicated server is different? Below are the definitions of dedicated hosting and dedicated server so that you will not make a wrong choice in choosing one.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

If shared hosting is a type of hosting services which is on one server and the resource is shared with other hosting users, then dedicated hosting is the one which is like server virtualization. It is where the users are possible to rent more parts of a server even the whole server is able to be occupied by the users’ websites. So that the users can get more resources than using shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is actually similar to VPS. It is just that when using VPS, the users have to manage their own virtual server, so the price is less expensive.

While on dedicated hosting, the users do not have to be bothered with the matters of managing virtual server, because it is already handled by the hosting provider. It can be said that dedicated hosting is a premium hosting service, where the users can only focus on their businesses without having to manage the virtual server. But of course, the easiness is worth the price.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a hosting service that uses an entire server. The users can use the server to test applications, web hosting services, and other digital services. A dedicated server actually more refers to a physical server. By using the entire physical server, it is not surprising that the users will be provided with specifications of the physical server. Such as the types and brands of the processor used. So, what are the benefits of a dedicated server? The main benefit is full access. You can determine an operation system, hardware server specifications, and other settings which are usually limited on other hosting types.

It is pretty easy to use a dedicated server. Users can remote and quickly access it from all around the world. There are also panel control options available that can help the users to use this dedicated server. With more flexibility, of course, managing a dedicated server needs more times, energy, and fees. Because using dedicated server also means managing the physical server.

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