Why Must Use a Dedicated Server?


The answer is because dedicated servers can provide services with high flexibility. And you can have full control access to your server. That way, this server can run a variety of heavy applications and with a high workload. This is what can not be done by a Shared Hosting or VPS server.

Why should you buy an expensive dedicated server? Whereas the other servers are far below the price of a dedicated server? It is undeniable, the price of a dedicated server is somewhat fantastic. Because this server is managed by yourself, not the server that is used together. The security of the server is certainly guaranteed, and this is what makes this server have a fairly expensive price.

Why Must Use a Dedicated Server? Maybe this is the question that arises when choosing what server is suitable for our website. Well, from various server specifications we need to know what is a dedicated server right? Well, a dedicated server is an infrastructure that can be used to fulfill very large and fast access needs.

Unlike VPS and Shared Hosting, the Dedicated Server itself is a stand-alone device. So you can fully control the server as a user server.

You can also access the Dedicated Server as a whole. With this dedicated server you can manage it to your heart’s content and according to your needs. And you could say this server is your own.

Please note that the software installation on the server is quite complicated and troublesome. But you don’t worry, because usually server providers already provide software installation support services. So you can immediately use your server.



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