Web Hosting Guidance – Easy Tips to Become Smart Customers


A good web hosting plays a crucial role to develop a website. However, it is difficult to select between web hosting companies since there are many promotions to offer. Here are some simple tips to make you a smarter consumer when choosing your own web hosting.

#1. The Gimmick of “Free Domain”

Having a free domain is really tempting, but there are some things you need to consider well before using it. You need to find out first about who owns the domain actually. This because the domain might be free but the hosting company may need to pay for the ownership. You will have to pay a hefty sum to purchase the domain back later. In addition, it is usually only free in the beginning but you will get a charge when it comes to getting the renewal. Thus, make sure that you discuss it during the initial negotiation to find out whether the renewal cost is acceptable or not.

#2. Separate Hosting and Domain

It is also important to know that you do not need to register the domain names at the same company. However, it doesn’t mean that your web hosting now is not the trusted one, but it is more about getting a trustful and dependable registrar since the beginning. Just keep in mind that your domain name is only your identity and the most important thing to have is the services provided there to accommodate your website sell perfectly. In addition, you do not want your domain to go down with the web hosting company once there is something wrong happens to it.

#3. Read the Disk Space and Bandwidth Terms

You should not ignore the disk space and bandwidth terms just like most of the customers do. You need to anticipate a situation in which your website becomes extremely popular just within a night and there are thousands or even millions of people to visit it. Most websites out there will not only use the high traffic to go past their bandwidth quota. However, it can happen easily if you decide to use the same files to download on your business site.

#4.  Avoid Long-Term Contracts Unless They Are Trustful

There many tempting promotions you can find in this web hosting industry. There are even many companies that offer the customers with a great discount if you agree to pay the service for two years up-front. Well, never put your agreement on the long-term contracts offered unless you really trust the service providers.



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