Tips for Choosing Web Hosting for Beginners


Tips for Choosing Web Hosting for Beginners – For those of you who want to create a website there are several things that must be considered such as domain (website name) and hosting. At least these two things that you must make the top priority. Why is that? There are several reasons why you should choose a good and quality domain and web hosting provider such as:

A. Good hosting will support the website operations that you have. Using a web server with non-qualified hardware specifications will make your website’s performance worse. This will impact on fewer visits.

B. Good support for every problem that occurs on the server that is running. Support is a factor that you must consider. On small web hosting where server management is done by administrators who concurrently serve as sales, support even the CEO (yes CEO). This is not good because taking care of the server requires extra attention and energy, especially if the server is experiencing problems, many clients must complain.

C. In addition, many local hosting providers sell more than the capacity of the web server they have (over selling). When a website accesses a bit, it runs normally, but when there is a surge in website traffic it cannot be accessed (down) even though the traffic surge is not significant.

There are several types of hosting on the market. This difference is divided based on server management, the number of accounts per server and the resources that are owned.

  1. Shared hosting- Shared hosting is hosting where all the resources and management are handled by the hosting provider. Technical matters such as operating system installation, network settings, script installation and maintenance are carried out by the technical team so that you just focus on blogging or developing app activities. Shared hosting is the type of hosting that is most often used. This type of hosting has the cheapest price compared to other hosting.
  2. VPS – If you want flexibility and want to try maintaining your own server VPS (virtual private server) is more suitable for you. In VPS you can choose the operating system and applications that will be used. However, to be able to use VPS you must have technical skills such as the ins and outs of the operating system, setting up server applications, databases, firewalls, security etc.
  3. Dedicated – In addition to shared and VPS, there is another type of hosting that is generally on the market but is rarely used, namely dedicated hosting (or also called managed hosting). The concept of dedicated hosting is similar to VPS where we can choose the operating system and applications that are installed, but for dedicated software, we can also choose the hardware that will be used such as the CPU, GPU, etc. But unlike VPS where we manage the server itself, the dedicated hosting provider is the setup and maintenance on the server that we rent. Dedicated hosting is widely used by large companies that require large resources and do not want to be bothered by complicated setup and maintenance processes.



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