How to Create a Web and Tutorial Install Hosting


When you want to create a web, it is important to know a tutorial install hosting because creating a web means you host your own website. It is quite difficult to create a web but with a right guidance and thorough reading, you can create a web of your own with ease.

Choose an easy platform

When you decide to create a web, you have to learn from zero. Also, you have to learn programming methods such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and MYSQL database. But all of them are needed if you want to create a web without a platform and the mentioned method is usable to IT practitioner or professionals.

To create a free website a good thing to do is to choose a free platform. IT people often time call it as CMS or Content System Management. As the name suggests, the CMS allows you to change the content of your web without the knowledge of programming method mentioned above. You can change your web with a method similar to use a Microsoft Word. A recommended free CMS platform is the WordPress.

Pick your domain name

WordPress is a hundred percent free, but you have to pay a certain amount of money for a domain name. But you don’t have to worry because a domain name is not that expensive. The price offered are usually per year rather than a month. It is a common knowledge in the web hosting world so you won’t find a per month domain name fee. Make sure that you pick a recommended web domain seller to avoid scam and fraud, especially if you are very new to this kind of thing. After you get the domain name, then you can start to modify your web and install the platform, which is WordPress.

Install and modify the website

Installing a WordPress as your personal web hosting is easy. It has a one-click feature especially to the newer versions of WordPress. It will cost you less than five minutes to install and you don’t have to learn programming method in order to finish the installation. One the WordPress is installed then you can modify the looks of your web. Make sure that you delete the default post after you create your own WordPress. You can find all of the information about configuring your web on the setting menu. From there you can change your interface, font, theme, and so on. Those are the method to create a web and tutorial install hosting.



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