Activate the Anti DDos Feature on Cloudflare


Cloudflare provides many benefits and benefits for its users. One of them is a free firewall security that can protect your website from small to moderate attacks. In this case Cloudflare will display a captcha containing page before being directed to your website.

if your website is a target of a DDoS attack, then the firewall security as I mentioned above will not be able to maintain the operation of your website. One effort that you can try to overcome DDoS attacks is to activate the Under Attack Mode feature.

What is Under Attack Mode?

Under Attack Mode is one of the anti DDoS features that are provided free by Cloudflare, both for users free plan, business plan, and other plans. When you activate this feature, each visitor will be presented with an interstitial page that runs for about 5 seconds before forwarding it to your server.

Not without reason, this interstitial page will continue to check the browser as long as the Under Attack Mode feature is activated. Visitors who pass the browser check will be allowed to open your website. Conversely, if this visitor is a DDoS / indicated bot, then Cloudflare will be snatched before arriving on your website.

Activate the Under Attack Mode feature

Previously, make sure your website is connected to Cloudflare. If not, please read first about what cloudflare is, the benefits, and how to connect with your website in the following article.

If so, please log in to the Cloudflare dashboard and select the Under Attack Mode option as shown below.

That way, your website security settings will switch to Under Attack Mode status. Try opening your website, surely an interstitial page will appear as I mentioned above.

Disables the Under Attack Mode feature

Since the Under Attack Mode feature is reserved for those of you who experience emergency DDoS attacks, then you need to disable it if the DDoS attack has stopped.

Open the Cloudflare dashboard then click the disable button as shown below.

Then select the available security level. If you don’t understand, choose the medium level only, the most recommended level of security (Default).

That way your website will return to its original mode and the Cloudflare interstitial page no longer appears.

That is how to activate the anti DDoS feature on Cloudflare. Keep in mind that you only need to activate Under Attack Mode when your website becomes a victim of DDoS attacks. If not, this feature must be turned off immediately so that it doesn’t interfere with normal users when accessing your website. Good luck and hopefully useful.



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