How to install CyberPanel in VPS Centos 7


I used to use OpenLiteSpeed for this blog web server, long enough even annually. But because anti-mainstream, the documentation itself is quite difficult to obtain. And even this blog could be the only OLSWS tutorial reference.

But now it is easier because there is already a web hosting panel called CyberPanel that utilizes OpenLiteSpeed as its backend. Originally I’ve known from the first announced, but I intentionally wait until I think it’s cooked.

The requirement of the VPS specification itself is quite low:

– CentOS 7
– 1 GB of RAM
– Disk Space 10 GB

While the way of installation also only run 1 command line:

# sh <(curl || wget -O –

Can be left behind coffee but the installation process.

For providers using Linux OS templates with sudo (like Google Cloud Platform) then execute this command first before the above command:

# su

I use sudo to fail because of it.

When finished, it will inform the credentials to login to the CyberPanel admin panel:

Username: Admin
Password: mypassword

Do not forget if cpanel fail access via port above please do whitelist on firewall. After successfully logged in, also change the admin password because it is too easy default.




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