How to Install Easyengine in Ubuntu and Debian


How to Install Ubuntu and Debian Easyengine – After almost a year I did not use the panel because I have not found a suitable panel, finally back again using the panel. More because of the actual demands, we must divide the time between ngurus server, blogging and offline work. Incidentally we find easyengine panel that quite suits personality that often use Ubuntu VPS, often use web server nginx and often install wordpress.

In addition to Ubuntu, actually easyengine can also be installed on Debian. Make sure your server or VPS is a fresh VPS. For more details note the things that must be considered before installing easyengine on your server:

  • Fresh or New Server
  • Ubuntu Linux operating system version 12.04, 14.04, 16.04 and Debian 7 & 8
  • The server installed wget for download

If the above requirements are met, please provide the following command to install easyengine:

wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

Wait until the process is complete. If it is done and you want to install wordpress, please use the following command:

Install wordpress without cache

ee site create --wp 

Install wordpress with w3-total-cache plugin

ee site create --w3tc 

Install wordpress with whisp-super-cache plugin

ee site create --wpsc

Install wordpress + nginx fastcgi_cache

ee site create --wpfc 

nstall wordpress + nginx redis_cache

ee site create --wpredis 

Note: Replace with your domain name. Make sure the domain dns settings are correct by referring them to your server IP.

For other commands you can use to edit the nginx configuration file, delete the domain, find out the site information, disable the site, log nginx php mysql and so forth, just learn it by visiting the official website of easyeangine.

Until now still quite satisfied with easyengine, even if compared to serverpilot though, kang erik sense betterengine better, especially for nginx webserver lovers, I think for now easyengine is the best.



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