Installing Vesta Panel on VPS (Ubuntu)


Can Vesta Panel be installed on Ubuntu? Installing Vesta Panel on VPS (Ubuntu) obviously can be done because Ubuntu is one of 3 distro that is compatible with the software. Vesta Control Panel or more commonly called VestaCP is An open source software for the benefit of web hosting control panel that serves to manage / manage your website server easily and quickly. An administrator will be greatly helped by all the conveniences provided by VestaCP.

Installing Vesta Panel on VPS (Ubuntu)
Installing Vesta Panel on VPS (Ubuntu)

Downloading Vesta Control Panel installer on VPS (Ubuntu)

Before you enter the VestaCP install process, you must first remotely remove the server. For Ubuntu Linux users, you can directly use Terminal. To do so, you can use the ssh root @ ip_address_VPS command.

After you successfully remake your VPS, then all you need is the installer file from VestaCP. Use curl to do it. If you have not previously updated the local package index of your operating system, we recommend updating and upgrading first. For updating and upgrading, you can use the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y command. After the updating and upgrading process is complete, then you can use the curl -O command to download the VestaCP installer.

Installation steps

Once you have the installer, you can use the bash command to start the installation. You will be asked for some information regarding the approval of any package that will be installed, email, and your VPS hostname. The length of time required during the installation process depends on the speed of the internet you have. This is because the install process will take directly from the Ubuntu repository and VestaCP itself.

After the install process is complete, you will get information about the URL to access VestaCP along with the username and password. Open your browser then enter the URL you have received. Enter the username and password that is listed on install Vesta CP and click Log in.

Next we need to change the default password provided during installation with a password that is easier to remember. We can also change the nameservers of our VPS through this VestaCP. The trick is to clik Edit on the main page of VestaCP. For the password there are 2 options, you can do Generate or fill it manually according to your wishes. If all is enough and the configuration is correct please click Save for changes you make stored. By installing Vesta Panel on VPS (Ubuntu), you will more easily manage your web.



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