How to Setup VPS with Ubuntu Server on Digital Ocean


Setup VPS with Ubuntu server on Digital Ocean is easy and much cheaper when compared to a dedicated server because VPS is a small part of a “dedicated server” or we can also say that VPS is a small node of a large collection of nodes.

How to Setup VPS with Ubuntu Server on Digital Ocean
How to Setup VPS with Ubuntu Server on Digital Ocean

Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Digital Ocean

VPS which stands for virtual private server is a “virtual server” which is the result of division of one server into a small part that gives us full access to it.

The advantage of using this VPS is that you have full access to the server so we can run various applications. Digital Ocean is not a VPS provider that has the lowest price at entry level. You can use a vultr that gives a price of 50% of Digital Ocean at entry level. The cheapest package on Digital Ocean is $ 5, on the cheapest vultr package is 2.5 or half of Digital Ocean.

Setup VPS with Ubuntu server on Digital Ocean

What should be known is to choose the OS (operating system) LTS (long time support) because of the support duration of many years so that we do not need to upgrade the OS in a longer period of time (cut the maintenance time). Step – step how to install Ubuntu server on Digital Ocean is as follows:

  1. Create a digital ocean account
  2. Create a droplet

After you register (register) login to Digital Ocean and in the upper right corner of your profile section there will be one green button with label “create”. When you click the create button will appear dropdown with various menu options. Choose the droplets menu (create cloud server) to create a “droplet” or term to create a VPS (Virtual private server) in Digital Ocean.

  1. Select the type of operating system

You can use Ubuntu version 14.04 LTS. You can use 16.04 LTS if you want more renewable. Use 32bit if ram on VPS <4 GB and use 64 bit if ram VPS> = 4 GB.

  1. Select size VPS
  2. Select the data center location

Select the region according to your target user.

  1. Provide hostname
  2. Use meaningful short names so you can easily distinguish your droplet in the future.

Once you get the droplet related information (username, password, IP, etc) then you can use terminal / cmd in your operating system and execute SSH. Enter the password as it appears in the email given from Digital Ocean to you. You have successfully setup VPS with Ubuntu server on Digital Ocean.



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