Tutorial Install Webmin on Debian VPS


Tutorial Install Webmin on Debian VPS – To install webmin on Debian VPS is not difficult, but requires accuracy. Webmin is a web-based administration system that functions as a UNIX / Linux system configuration tool. Webmin can be considered as a visualization of SSH Terminal web-based so it is very easy to understand.

Tutorial Install Webmin on Debian VPS
Tutorial Install Webmin on Debian VPS

Webmin function

Webmin can configure many things in web hosting. Webmin is very useful and allows us to regulate our VPS. Therefore of course there will be very many advantages of installing webmin on VPS. Once you know the function of webmin, now it’s time you start install webmin on Debian VPS. Tutorial Install Webmin on this Debian VPS can be applied to all VPS service products. You can apply this tutorial to VPS Singapore SG.DO, Singapore VPS SG.GS, VPS America, and VPS Vultr.

How to install Webmin on Debian VPS

There are several steps you need to do in order to install Webmin on Debian VPS. These stages must be done properly in order to avoid failure or malfunction on your Webmin. Follow all instructions carefully and make sure you do not miss anything.

The first stage you should do is, make sure that the repository has been updated. After updating the repository, the second stage is to install the required dependency webmin by entering the command you can get from many sources on the internet. You must try some commands to get the right one. It is little bit tricky but obviously worth it.

The next step is to download the webmin installer to the VPS. You need to put command to download it; you cannot get offline installer because webmin installation is can be done only via online. After that, install webmin to VPS. To install the installer you have downloaded, you will also need to write command. Once again, it cannot be done simply by double-clicking the installer. After you have done those processes, the installed Webmin will run in SSL mode. To stop or turn the program off, you must give a certain command.

When finished installing the webmin installer, now we remove the installer so as not to spend disk space server. Run the command: rm -f webmin_1.831_all.deb. The last step you should do is, restart the webmin server. Remember, you must write the command correctly. Write in accordance with the instructions. Do not miss any spaces or markings when writing the commands to install webmin on Debian VPS.



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