Things Required to install VPS Linux Debian for Web Hosting


Some people may experience confusion or failure when installing and setting up Linux Debian VPS for Web Hosting. Basically VPS Linux Debian (Virtual Private Server) is almost the same as web hosting, the difference is that when you use web hosting then you have the freedom to decide which operating system you will use and also you can choose any application / software you will install on the VPS. Meanwhile, web hosting is just a service that leases space for web-based applications with limited access and resources.

Things Required to install VPS Linux Debian for Web Hosting
Things Required to install VPS Linux Debian for Web Hosting


When is the VPS needed by the web?

Actually this is in accordance with the wishes and needs. Why? Because if we talk about traffic, then we can use web hosting with enterprise package (the use requires a lot of money because this package uses the rental system). But if you want to save money to rent a hosting, you should try to upgrade your web hosting to VPS. Using a VPS that has the quality equivalent of enterprise web hosting will lower costs. In addition, VPS also provides more storage quota (up to thousands of gigabytes per month).


In order for us to use VPS for the purposes of web hosting there are several applications that we will install.

  1. Apache

Apache is a web server that will be responsible for handling http requests.

  1. Database (MySQL)

The database is used to store all information in a structured manner. Many database applications such as postgresql, oracle and others, but in this tutorial I will use MySQL for database.

  1. PHP

PHP is a scripting language used to create blogs dynamically. Lots of website or CMS products created using PHP is one of them is If your website is built using PHP then you should install php on your server.

  1. PHPMyAdmin

PHPMyAdmin is an application for us more freely to manage MySQL database by GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Actually if we use a control panel like cPanel, Webuzo, EHCP then we will be easier to manage our website without having to install Apache, MySQL phpMyAdmin, and PHP (already installed automatically installed). However, it still lacks. The drawback is we need a VPS spec that is sufficient to run the control panel. But if our Linux Debian VPS for Web Hosting spec is minimal then we will skip the way, and we will install it one by one, but with the consequences we will be difficult to manage and manage our website later if not familiar with the look of CLI (Command Line Interface). But it will be easy if we are used to deal with Linux CLI.



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