How to Install Webmin on VPS Linux CentOS


How to Install Webmin on VPS Linux CentOS – To make sure that people can install the Webmin properly on their VPS Linux CentOS, there is thing which must be kept in mind. People need to check their hostname first before they start the installation of Webmin and Virtualmin. They have to make sure that the hostname is the domain name which is fully qualified. It is called FQDN. If the hostname is not fully qualified, they need to adjust the setting first because it can disturb the installation process of Webmin.

How to Install Webmin on VPS Linux CentOS
How to Install Webmin on VPS Linux CentOS

Hostname Check

How people know that their domain name is fully qualified? They need to check it first and if they find the code below, it means that the hostname is fully qualified. The FQDN configuration is correct.

# hostname –f

If they do not find the configuration above, it means that they need to change the setting of FQDN first. To do this procedure, they can make configuration at /etc/hosts. It is important not to ignore this step for making sure that the whole process of installing Webmin on VPS Linux CentOS can be completed perfectly without any disturbance.

Installation Methods

To install the Webmin, there are some methods which can be followed. It is better for people to follow the recommended method of course, but they can also consider some other methods for installing the Webmin. The first method which is recommended is by automatic webmin and virtualmin installation with the installer named They only need to follow the installation procedure. After the installation process is accomplished, people can access to webmin. Following the recommended procedure will be a safe way for installing webmin for sure but people can also try another method. Automatic installation is recommended but people can install the webmin manually by using ssh.

All that people have to do is just opening the website and download the installation package which is suitable the most for their server. After accomplishing the manual installation process, people can make access to webmin. People can also find the option of installing the webmin and virtualmin manually. Last but not least, people can also try to install the webmin and virtualmin by using yum/repository. Because there are some options of webmin installation, people just need to learn and choose the most perfect option for their circumstance. Following the steps carefully for every method is crucial so they will be able to get the most benefits of installing the webmin on VPS Linux CentOS



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