Get Close to CentOS Web Panel in VPS Linux


The solution to using a panel that has navigation, you can try this one panel called CentOS Web Panel in Linux VPS or more easily in short CWP. In using hosting, a panel with easy navigation is a must for those of you who crave convenience in managing web hosting files. In general, people use cPanel / WHm to manage the website, because cPanel is the most popular web hosting panel among many panels. But CPanel is not a free panel; to install cPanel in should spend about $ 15.

The Advantages of CentOS Web Panel

CWP has some features that will definitely help you in managing the web. CentOS web panels have features like multi clients, quota management, modules, and resellers. Here is the explanation

  1. Multi Client

Allows you to add clients or users on the CentOS server, with this feature you can create your own hosting service.

  1. Quota Management

Quota managemet serves to set the resource or quota on your client, for example you want to limit the amount of storage, badwitch, and domain on your client.

  1. Module

Modules can be likened to plugins on WordPress or AddOns on the browser. Module allows you to add various functions and features as you need.

  1. Reseller

This feature is useful if you want to rent your CentOS server, in CentOS you can also create your own hosting package, such as determining the storage capacity, bandwidth and maximum number of domains.

Actually, there are some advantages CWP has that you can get when you are using it. it is fast, light, and stable. Even it can run on not-too-good internet connection.

Getting Started

Before you install CentOS Web Panel, please consider some important points below.

  1. Prepare a VPS Server be it KVM, XEN or OpenVZ that has CentOS 6 (until now CWP cannot support CentOS 7). For those who do not have VPS server, please try cheap and reliable VPS at hostsailor and interserver.
  2. For 32 Bit CentOS users, they need 512 MB RAM and 1024 MB RAM for those who use 64 Bit CentOS.
  3. Make sure the VPS server to be installed is a blank server with no other components installed like Apache, Mysql, and PHP.
  4. Lastly, do not forget to provide SSH for server access. One of the easiest SSH you can use is Putty.

For additional information, once you have finished installing CentOS Web Panel in Linux, you will automatically install PHP with the stable version following Zend Optimizer and ionCube PHP Loader.



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