How to Install Webmin on VPS Debian 9


Install Webmin on VPS Debian 9 32 and 64 bit – Website surely becomes important element for current information flow. Since people are very familiar to the internet, it will be such a waste for not using the website as information source for anything. It is sure that the need for building website is increasing time after time. When people are talking about website, there will be some detail steps which must be taken for creating the best one. One of the steps which must be done is installing webmin. It will depend on the operating system used on the computer. There might question about the way installing webmin on VPS Debian. People only need to follow the steps available below for completing the process.

How to Install Webmin on VPS Debian 9
How to Install Webmin on VPS Debian 9

What is Webmin ?

Before people can learn further about the steps needed for installing webmin, there is one impotant thing which people must understand. They need to know first about the webmin. Webmin is type of administration system which is based on website. The function of webmin is as the configuration tool for Unix or Linux system. People can say that webmin is the visualization of the SSH terminal that is based on the website so they will be able to understand easily. By using webmin, people can set the configuration of various things including web server, DNS, mail server, VPN, proxy, shell access, and firewall. People can find a great benefit from webmin which is useful for helping them controlling the VPS.

How to Install Webmin on VPS Debian 9

Installation Steps

Now, after understanding about the webmin and the benefits it brings, people need to know the way for installing webmin on VPS Debian. There is one thing which people should make sure before installing the webmin actually. They have to make sure that the repository has been updated. Once the repository is updated, people need to install the dependency needed by the webmin first. Next, people can download the webmin installer to the VPS. If the installer has been downloaded successfully, the next step which must be done is installing the webmin on the VPN by entering the order. Because the webmin will be running on SSL mode as default, it means that people need to turn off the SSL mode on the webmin.

If people think that the process is done once the webmin installation is completed, they can be wrong because it is necessary to erase the installer so it will not take the server disk space. Last but not least, people need to restart the server of webmin by entering the order. The webmin is successfully installed on VPS Debian.



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