How to Install OctoberCMS on Ubuntu VPS


Step to Install OctoberCMS on Ubuntu VPSUbuntu VPS has various specifications which people must handle carefully including about the way for installing OctoberCMS. Of course it is crucial for making sure that the requirements and steps needed for installation can be followed properly. First, people need to have proper understanding about OctoberCMS so they can get the optimal support on their Ubuntu 14.04.

Steps and How to Install OctoberCMS on Ubuntu VPS

Install OctoberCMS on Ubuntu VPS


It is better for people understand first about OctoberCMS before they install it on their VPS running Ubuntu. It is kind of open resource CMS and it is based on the framework of Laravel PHP. It comes with several features which are attractive particularly for the developers. People can learn further about those by visiting the page. People will run the OctoberCM on Ubuntu 14.04 which runs VPS. Actually people can install it with two methods. They can install via the command line or the wizard. The steps below will inform people about the way for installing it via command line.


If people want to install OctoberCMS on their Ubuntu VPS, it means that there will be system requirements which must be fulfilled. LAMP stack must be installed although people can also use web servers like Lighttpd and Nginx. They will also need PHP version 5.4+ but the safe more restriction must be disabled. Apache will be used as webserver so it is important for making sure that it will let October rewrite URL.


Now, people can start the installation process of OctoberCMS. Since people will do installation via command line, it means that Composer will be needed. Git must also be installed on the system. Once all of the requirements fulfilled, people can start the installation process. Because the October will be installed on the Apache web root, people need to remove any file which can be found on the folder. However, it can be done if people only want to have OctoberCMS application on the root folder of the web server. If the composer file can be found in the folder, they can navigate it so the October will be cloned from the repository for creating new project in the folder of hmtl. People still have to modify some files and also set up the database which can be used by October. They also need to cange the ownership to the data group because they have to make sure that web server can write some folders so the OctoberCMS can run on Ubuntu VPS.



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