How to Install Elgg on Ubuntu VPS


How to Install Elgg on Ubuntu VPS Debian 7 8 9?

How to Install Elgg on Ubuntu VPS Ubuntu 17, 16, 14?

How to Install Elgg on Ubuntu VPS Linux?

How to Install Elgg on Ubuntu VPS Centos 6, 7?

Making sure that the website is at the best performance will be needed for making sure that the website can run properly. Following the detailed step will be crucial for this purpose. The operating system of the computer will affect the way people support their website. When people use Ubuntu for instance, it means that there will be specific requirement for installing anything. For example, people want to install Elgg on their Ubuntu VPS. In this circumstance, they need to follow the instruction which can be found below. Once again, paying attention to detail is a must.

How to Install Elgg on Ubuntu VPS
How to Install Elgg on Ubuntu VPS

How to Install Elgg on Ubuntu VPS


People might have very big question about what is Elgg. When people need to use PHP engine, they need to make sure that they use the most reliable one. In this circumstance, people will have a great confidence by using PHP engine which won an award. This is what people can find by using Elgg because it is PHP engine that won award for running the social network which is fully fledged. There is great thing which can be found from this PHP engine after all. It comes with community support with great performance in the themes and plug-in form made by the official developer as well as community of the users.


There will be some requirements which must be paid attention when people want to install Elgg on Ubuntu VPS. Of course people need to make sure that they have Ubuntu 12.04 for this installation although the installation can also be done on Debian 7. Apache which comes with rewrite module will also be needed besides PHP 5.2+ and MySQL 5+. As for the PHP 5.2+, there can be a few modules which are needed for supporting some features of Elgg.


For installation, it is better for people update the total system before they do any step needed. Next step which must be followed is installing the web as well as database server. However, they need to install apache and also mysql first. Once the apache is installed, people need to configure the apache. They also have to create MySQL user as well as database before they can install the PHP. They can download the Elgg source code by going to the root directory of the webserver. For installing Elgg, there will be configuration needed including from data directory set up to edit php setting. Now, people can install the Elgg on their Ubuntu VPS.



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