How to Install Apache modspdy on Debian VPS


Install Apache mod spdy on Debian VPS – Install Apache mod_spdy on VPS Some people might consider installing Apache mod spdy on their Debian VPS. There must be some benefits which can be found from the installation. However, they need to pay attention to the requirements and also needed steps for installing the mod_spdy especially on Debian 7.

How Install Apache mod spdy on Debian VPS
Install Apache modspdy on Debian VPS

Step to Install Apache mod_spdy on Debian VPS

Apache modspdy

What is Apache modspdy? It is an open source module of Apache which will allow the web server for serving the request of https using the protocol of spdy. This new protocol was made for addressing the problem associated the speed by using http protocol. The client as well as server will be allowed for pasting several requests over one connection. The request will be compressed and the headers will be responded. With this protocol, the site resource will be pushed to the client by all of the servers without any request needed from the client. The advantages for setting up this protocol are that the bandwidth usage can be reduced and the loading times of the page will be decreased.


For installing Apache modspdy, there are some requirements which must be ensured first. Of course people need the debian droplet VPS because the steps below tested on the Debian 7. People will also need Apache http server with at least version 2.2.4. People must not forget that the modssl on the Apache is enabled as well as configured. There will be steps needed for installing Apache and configuring the modssl if they do not have it yet. If they can meet the requirement, they will be able to follow the steps for installing it on Debian VPS.


It is the time for installing modspdy and the very first thing which people need is downloading the package which is suitable for the operating system. After downloaded, people can install it by instructing the package manager of Debian. People can just delete the package once the installation is done perfectly. They need to restart the Apache to see the effect of installation. Testing will also be necessary step which must be taken. It can be done simply by checking the configuration of spdy online. It is recommended that people do not use Apache modphp. It is better to use mod FastCGI along with PHP5 FPM for ensuring better performance as well as stronger security. If people want to update their modspdy, they only need to update the VPS package list. They can find and then update their package on Debian VPS.



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