The Basics On How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting


Are you confused on how to choose the best WordPress hosting? If you have visited several websites of hosting companies, then you must have seen the many choices of VPS, shared hosting, free hosting, dedicated server hosting, and much more. There are so many choices and you may not know why there are significant price discrepancies between hosting types.

WordPress Hosting Requirements

WordPress is a script that is quite simple and does not have high requirements so most hosting providers can run your WordPress site. WordPress officially recommends Nginx or Apache as two servers that are the strongest and has the features to run WordPress, but any other servers that run MySQL and PHP should also be able to support it. In order to host WordPress, the requirements are:

  • It runs the seventh version of PHP or versions above it
  • It runs the 5.6 version of MySQL or versions above it. This can be replaced with the ability to run the tenth version of MariaDB or versions above it.
  • It should support mod_rewrite for the module of Apache
  • It should support HTTPS

Important Things To Know About WordPress Hosting

If you find yourself in an environment of old hosting where you only have an older version of PHP or MySQL, WordPress also works with the 5.0 or newer versions of MySQL and 5.2.4 or newer versions of PHP, but this version has reached its end of official date and your site can, therefore, be exposed to safety vulnerabilities.

This is only the most important requirement, but you will also need a lot of hard disk space depending on the content of your website as well as the popularity of your website. You have to remember that most hosting providers offer a free installation of WordPress, which should help you ease the process of installing WordPress.

Before you pay for hosting, it is best that you look for references first. Of course, you would want to look for the best hosting companies with best prices as well. If a company has a bad reputation or its supporting staffs are not helpful, you will regret your choice and want to move to another hosting company. Look for a hosting provider that has a good reputation and gives a guarantee for their service, so that if you are not satisfied, you will be able to ask for your money back.

Every blog is different and depends on its purpose, so before you learn more about how to choose the best WordPress hosting you must know the needs of your blog according to its purpose first.



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