What is The Basic of Linux and Ubuntu?


What is The Basic of Linux and Ubuntu? – Understanding the basic of Linux and Ubuntu may make all the difference. Especially to beginners who have just discovered Linux and have no idea how to properly use it let alone tweak their way around it. Experienced users and those who are fluent in language programming and master almost everything related to programming may not face any difficulty during their time of using Linux, quite the contrary, they may rave about its flexibility, speed as well as remarkable computing experience. So how do we bridge this gap and ensure every single individual of different background, regardless of their level of experience with Linux, can benefit from the operating system’s incredibly computing power?

Understanding the concept of open-source operating system

As the solid foundation for programs installed on a computer, an operating system must have the ability to allocate the varying programs’ resources whenever the user needs them and monitor the process every single time a  program is executed. This is done to ensure that there is sufficient processing power, resources and memory for the computer to function properly.

However, unlike the other compiled operating systems available in the industry, Linux as an open source operating system openly include the source codes for users to use. These coding languages are relatively easy for anyone who masters language programming to understand. This way, a user can easily monitor how the operating system works just by downloading and studying the available source codes. Keep reading to find more about the basic of Linux and Ubuntu.

Ubuntu as the solution to Linux’s limited support options

As incredibly transparent and flexible as that may seem, Linux can be a tough quest to tame for beginners with little to no knowledge on the operating system. This is the primary reason why many people hesitate to install Linux in the first place. It does not matter how incredible the computing experience that Linux has, when you have no knowledge on language programming, installing Linux with limited supporting options does not seem like a great idea. This is where the existence of distributors such as Ubuntu comes in handy, the utility platform is built over Linux kernel principles and that fact alone is enough to convince us that the commands that Ubuntu uses closely follow the procedures and rules that have been set up by Linux – making it an incredible solution for those who are intimidated. The similar basic of Linux and Ubuntu is indeed a great attempt to leverage the operating system.



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