Is Linux and Ubuntu The Same Thing?


Is Linux and Ubuntu The Same Thing? – Questions such as “Is Ubuntu and Linux the same thing?” are often heard from beginners or people of a little to no knowledge on programming and operating system. It seems like a majority of these unknowing people think that both Ubuntu and Linux are one the same, practically the same operating system and the only difference they have is the name – which these people mistake as a version of said operating system. This misconception, while common, is enough to make any technology geek take a long sigh out of desperation. If you are reading this article, chances are you are one of those people who think both entities are one and the same, to avoid further misconception, keep reading the article as we are about to give you a detailed explanation as to the differences between Ubuntu and Linux, as well as the basic of way each of them actually is.

One of the available alternatives at leveraging Linux?

If you are absolutely curious about Ubuntu and what it actually is, one of the best way is to download it. Yes, you can do so and give it a run without having to replace your current operating system. So, is Ubuntu and Linux the same thing? Ubuntu, at the very core, is Linux. But before you take it as the conclusion to the whole explanation, notice the word “core” that we used in the sentence. Yes, it is indeed the operative word. Simply because Ubuntu is not the operating system, per se. It is the Linux’s distributor, also referred to as distro for short. While the aforementioned distributor heavily relies on the Linux’s architecture and uses the pre-set procedures and rules to properly communicate with Linux, it still is not a part of the kernel – rather, it’s the software.

Following the rules, with its own features and style

Ubuntu comes with its own distinctive set of features, and what we refer to as graphical user interface – a GUI, for short. While this makes it seem like another operating system such as Windows and Android. However, the difference lies in the fact that Ubuntu only supports softwares and utilities which are compatible for Linux. With this being said, it is obvious that while it may not be the Linux itself, Ubuntu holds such a significant role as it ensures the functionality of  the operating system. If you are one of those who ask “Is Ubuntu and Linux the same thing?” we sure hope this explanation helps!



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