How to Choose Web Hosting Provider That Is Safe


How to Choose Web Hosting Provider That Is Safe

Do you want to know how to choose web hosting provider and buy a domain safely so you will not be disappointed or be defrauded in the future? All you have to do is follow the steps below.

Choose Best Web Hosting
Choose Best Web Hosting

Use Websites to Check The Age of The Domain

You may be wondering, what is the relationship between the active period of a domain with how to buy domain hosting? And what does it have to do with fraud? Well, you must have heard of the saying that says “as you grow older, you will become more experienced”. Most of you may even agree with the saying. The same principle goes for domain names. The older the age of a domain is, then the more experienced the web hosting provider is in its field. Conversely, the younger the age of a domain is, then it can mean that the web hosting provider is not yet experienced in its skill.

The next question that comes to mind is how do you check the age of a domain? All you have to do is open a website that will provide you the age of domains through your internet browser. You can look for websites like this through your search engine. You will be able to find out when the domain was activated, so you will know the age of the domain. You can also see the expiry date of a domain, which can give you a sense of consistency or whether or not the domain will remain online for a long period of time. Usually, domains that are only experimenting or are not serious will rarely renew their domain for more than 3 years.

Check The Total Domain
The next step of buying a domain and hosting to avoid getting defrauded is to check the total domains of customers which are hosted by the web hosting provider. Why do you have to check the number of total domains? Generally, web hosting providers who have a high number of total domains means that there are a lot of people who are interested in it or it is very liked by its customers. There are websites online that can help you check this. You can try using two or more different websites that allow you to do this to make sure that the information that they are providing you is accurate.

With the two steps above, you should be able to know the basics of how to choose web hosting provider.



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