Which Is Better: Linux or Ubuntu?


Which Is Better: Linux or Ubuntu? – Which is better: Linux or Ubuntu? Yes, it’s one of the most sought after questions directed by a beginner or those who are looking to switch to the open source operating system option yet have a little to zero information on what is Linux and Ubuntu respectively. It’s easy for beginners or unknowing people to get lost in this totally new and strange concept of operating system, after all we all have gotten so accustomed to using an easy-to-use and strictly compiled operating system such as Macintosh and Microsoft.

We all know Linux, but what about Ubuntu?

It seems like majority of beginners who asked the Which is better: Linux or Ubuntu question have understood what Linux is and how it operates in a grand scheme of things. While these beginners may lack in the specifics, such as the detailed information as to how to operate the kernel and quite a few other things, they are already aware of the concept that Linux is a kernel. This kernel is, without a doubt, quite akin to engines in a fine machinery. As important as it is, it cannot work solely on its own. As the most vital part of an operating system component, Linux’s kernel simply cannot work as a standalone. It simply does most of the general task such as monitoring the whole aspect of processing in order to find out whether or not the resources work as it should.

Ubuntu, in contrast, isn’t an operating system – rather a complement to the core component that is the kernel. This leads us to our point: the answer to the aforementioned question is, without a doubt, neither Linux or Ubuntu is better than the other.

In the realm of operating system, they complement, not compete

Yes, Ubuntu cannot and will not be able to compete with Linux. Linux, too, does not mean a thing without Ubuntu. The fact that they complement one another should answer the question. While I am sure some of these beginners can already figure out the reason as to why Linux is not necessarily better than Ubuntu and vice versa, we are compelled to finish this article with an explanation. Any great machinery needs a component to help them run properly, Ubuntu is that component in the operating system as they are the applications that make the machine useful. This last known fact that Ubuntu is a utility assortment as opposed to an operating system should answer the Which is better: Linux or Ubuntu question.



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