How to Run Linux Web Server on Android Device


How to Run Linux Web Server on Android Device – It can be true that personal computer is very important technology support needed by modern people. However, it is sure that nowadays people cannot live without mobile device. Smart phone for example becomes very important support for current people. The great thing which can be found these days is that people are able to find various options for their smart phone using convenience. They are free to choose anything including the web server. Here is the Tutorial linux web server which can be run on the Android device. It must be great that people can experience the great open source support including Ubuntu for their mobile technology support.

Hard Drive Space GnuRoot Debian

If people want to run the web server from Linux on their smart phone especially with Android device, the very first thing which should be ensured is that they have enough hard drive space which is available in their device. Hard drive is not the only thing needed for running the web Serveroffered by Linux. They also have to install the GnuRoot Debian. Those are important steps which must be done as the very first preparation if people want to run the web server on their mobile device which is based on Android operating system.

Linux Installation

Of course people also need to install Linux. They can do it by opening the Linux program. Next, they will be able to install or reinstall the program on their device. The Linux operating system will be compiled and installed. After finishing the Linux installation, GnuRoot program will be closed automatically.

Linux Environment Setup

People also have to open the app of GnuRoot once again for switching it to the launch tab. The terminal can be started by clicking launch. They have to update the package list needed for installing the programs. They also have to install the tools for the C language needed for installing other programs and it can be done easily after all. People also have to install Sinatra which is the simple web server which can be used. Installing NodeJs becomes the next thing which should be done before they install NPM which is the package manager which will be used for Nose. Localtunnel is the next thing which must be installed.

Writing and Running Web Server

People can write the instruction for simple web server. They can run the web server as well as localtunnel listener. There will be printed url after a few seconds and it can be entered in the web browser for seeing hello world term as the response.



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