How to Build Wiki on Ubuntu with DokuWiki


How to Build Wiki on Ubuntu with DokuWiki – The great thing which people can find if they use the open source for their personal computer is that there are so many things which can be explored. People can really get the personal computer which is suitable the most to their expectation. When people are talking about Tutorial linux for instance, there are many things which can be followed and we can make sure that people can make experiment with their personal computer. In this circumstance, they can build their wiki on Ubuntu. It can be done by using DokuWiki. Installing it is simple and easy. More importantly, using it will also be easy as well and it is not resource heavy as well.


If people want to build their wiki using DokuWiki on Ubuntu, there are some requirements which must be fulfilled. However, people do not have to worry because there is not much needed for this purpose. Database will not be needed as well. DokuWiki needs PHP 5.3.4 but people can also be used the newer version. PHP 7 or more is recommended. People also need the web Server. VPS will also be needed in the process. There is no need to do anything associated with VPS if they get the cheap managed VPS. All that they have to do is just contacting the support team for the installation.


The system must be upgraded before people can do the steps for building Wiki on Ubuntu. People also have to install the Apache as the web server of the Wiki. However, people can feel free to use other web servers such as Nginx. The next thing which should be installed is PHP7 and the modules. It should be done if people do not have any PHP installed. DokuWiki must be downloaded as well as installed. For this purpose, people have to create the directory for the DokuWiki. The created directory must be navigated. They also have to download the latest DokuWiki version which is more stable. There will be .tgz file which must be unpacked. The file or folders permissions must be changed as well. The Apache for DokuWiki must be configured as well. The .conf file must be created and they should open it with the favorite text editor. The thrwiki.conf file must be added. The lines must be edited for corresponding with the server setup. Some data must be replaced with their own before they can restart the Apache. That is all people need to do.



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