Steps for Installing Java on Ubuntu 16.04


Steps for Installing Java on Ubuntu 16.04 – Tutorial linux can be found easily and there is no doubt about this because there are so many people out there who have to be experimental when they are talking about the open source. Some people will find that they need to install Java on Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. There is no need to worry because they can follow the directions about the way installing Oracle Java JDK8. It is actually the official Java version which is distributed by Oracle. However, people can also find that the guides below will also work well on Linux Mint as well as Debian although it is tested as well as written for Ubuntu.

SSH Login to VPS for System Update

The very first thing which should be done is logging in to the VPS and they should do this through SSH. People have to make sure that the package list of operating system as well as the package of operating system is up to date. Next, people can take various methods for installing Java such as using PPA software repository or by downloading the source package of Java on the server for manual installation.


First of all, people can use the Personal Package Archie software repository. They can use the repository which is maintained by Webupd8 Team. Accepting the license agreement will be asked by the install script. The Java archive file will be downloaded from the download page by Oracle. Everything will be set up then. After adding the PPA repository, people can install Java JDK8. Of course people also have to check the installation for ensuring that everything is installed correctly. There will be option for installing JDK7 or JDK9.

Manual Installation

If people are talking about open source Server, there must be many options which can be found. They can also install Oracle Java JDK manually. For this purpose, they have to download the latest version of JDK8 from the official website of Oracle by using wget. The archive must be extracted with the right command and it must be moved to the directory. The default Java version can be set. Next, people also need to set the environment variables for Java by creating new file with the right content. The next command must be run and people must check to ensure everything is setup properly. If they are successful with Java JDK installation on Ubuntu 16.04 VPS, they will be able to install Java which is based on some software including Tomcat.



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