Security Increasing during Ubuntu 16.04 Initial Server


Server Security Increasing during Ubuntu 16.04 Initial Server Setup – People have to follow several steps when they want to setup the initial server with Ubuntu 16.04. The very first step which should be taken must be associated with the root login. This step cannot be skipped so people have to make sure that they follow the Tutorial linux properly. The next thing which should be done is creating the new user. Even though people can make the new user account, they still need to use the regular account for doing the administrative task. They do not have to do this complicated thing if they have root privileges. It is also recommended for people adding the public key authentication. It is important for securing the server. Private SSH key will be needed for logging in.

Key Pair Generating

If people do not have the SSH key pair which consists of the private and public key, they have to generate it. If they have the key, they just need to skip until they find the step of Copy the Public Key. For generating the new key pair, they have to enter the command at the local machine terminal. If the file name as well as path is accepted, they just need to press return. Of course they can enter the new name according to their liking. They also have to secure the key by pass phrasing it. They can enter the pass phrase but they can also leave it blank. They will not need to enter the pass phrase if they want to use the private key for the authentication. The private key as well as public key will be generated in the home directory. One thing for sure, people must not share the private key to anyone who is not allowed to access the servers.

Public Key Copying

The SSH key pair is generated and the next thing which people want to do is copying the public key to the new server. There are two ways which can be used and both can be done very easily. The first option is by using the ssh-copy-id. The next option is by installing the key manually. The public key must be added to the special file in the home directory of the user if they want to enable the SSH key use for authenticating as the new user that is remote. Some steps must be taken before people can go to the next step for increasing the security of the server by password authentication disabling.



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