Root Login Tutorial for Initial Server Setup Ubuntu 16.04


Root Login Tutorial for Initial Server Setup Ubuntu 16.04 – Modern people and technology surely cannot be separated one another. People need to utilize technology the most in their life for making sure that they can do their activities properly. Computer technology is crucial element in the modern world so people have to make sure that they use it with the right way. It means that they have to choose the best software for their computer operating system. In this circumstance, people can consider the open source and for this purpose, they want to create the new server of Ubuntu 16.04. They have to follow some steps of configuration. Tutorial linux which is needed includes the root login.

How to Log in

Of course people need to log in to the server. For this purpose, they need to know the public IP address of the server. It is not the only thing needed because they also need password. Some people maybe use the SSH key. It is installed because people want to ensure the authentication. In this circumstance, they should know the private key to the account of root user. They should know the way for connecting to the droplet with SSH if they are not logged into the server yet. If people are not connected yet to the server, they should go ahead and log in first according to the public IP address of the server. It is sure that they have to accomplish the log in process. They have to accept the warning about the authenticity of the host. If this warning appears, they just need to provide the authentication for the root. It can be the private key or the password key. People maybe will be recommended to change the password of the root if it is their very first time using the password for logging into the server.


If people are talking about the root user, it is the administrative user which can be found in the Linux environment. It has the privileges which are broad. It seems like people should not use it on regular basis because the root account privileges are heightened. If people use the power inherent with the account for root, it means that there is risk for making the changes which are very damaging even if it occurs by accident. After people login the root, the next step which should be done is setting up the account of alternative account. There is also step which should be taken for gaining the privileges which are increased anytime they need it.



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