New User Addition and Root Privileges in Ubuntu 16.04


New User Addition and Root Privileges in Ubuntu 16.04 Initial Server Setup – For setting up the initial server with Ubuntu 16.04, the very first thing which should be done is logging in the root. There are steps which should be taken according to the current circumstance of users after all. More steps should be taken for making sure that the server can be set up properly. Next, people have to create the alternative users for the server. They also need to pay attention to the root privileges. It is needed because sometimes people will need to perform the administrative task. That is why they should follow the next Tutorial linux.

Add New User

Now, people can be logged in as the root. It means that they need to prepare the next step for adding the new user account. The new account will be used for logging in for the next. Creating the new user can be done very easily and simply. People just need to determine the new user name they like. There will be some questions which will be asked. The starting question will be associated to the password of the account. Of course people have to enter the password with high strength. People can fill in the additional information if they like. However, it is optional so people are allowed not filling in the additional information. If they do not think that it is needed, they just need to press enter in any aspect they want to skip.

Root Privileges

New user account is added along with regular account privileges. There can be a time when people have to do the administrative tasks. People might think that they have to log out of the normal user because they have to log in back in as account of the root. However, people can avoid this step. They can setup thing which is called root privilege. They can be super user for the normal account. With this step, they will be able to run the commands using the normal user with the administrative privileges. Before entering the command, they have to put the word sudo. If people want to add the privilege to the new user, they have to add the new user account to the group of sudo. The user accounts that are in the group can use the sudo command by default on this Ubuntu version. It is super easy to make the user accounts for running the commands with the privileges. The next thing which should be done is increasing the server security.



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