Disabling Password Authentication during Ubuntu 16.04 Initial Server Setup


Disabling Password Authentication during Ubuntu 16.04 Initial Server Setup – Every step which should be taken for setting up the initial server of Ubuntu 16.04 surely should be followed very carefully for making sure that they can be successful with the initial server setup. From the root log in to the public key authentication adding for increasing the security, there is still thing which should be done according to the Tutorial linux.

There is more recommendation which should be done for increasing the security much further. They need to disable the password authentication. This should be done after they can use the SSH key for logging in. By doing this step, it means that they will restrict the SSH access to the server to the public key authentication only. It means that for logging in to the server, they have to use the private key only which pairs with the installed public one. For disabling the password authentication on the server, there are steps which must be followed.

People can do this step either as the root or as the new sudo user. They should open the daemon configuration of the SSH. The next step which should be done is finding the line which mentions the password authentication. All that they have to do is uncommenting it. They only need to delete the preceding #. The value must be changed to no. There are still other settings which can be found. They are needed for the authentication with key only as well as set by the default. After people finish making the changes, they just need to save and then close the file using the right method. They should press CTRL-X first. Next, they have to press Y before they press enter. They still have to reload the SSH daemon. With those simple steps, people accomplished the process for disabling the password authentication.

Security becomes very important aspect which people must pay attention greatly especially when they want to use Ubuntu for their computer. There can be many steps which can be taken for securing the device but of course people must not forget to ensure the security when they setup the initial server. Public key can be used for accessing the server but it can be risky of course especially when people are talking about security. That is why people should consider about disabling the password authentication if they want to ensure their device security better. It means that the server can only be accessed using the SSH key authentication.



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