BootStack Managed Cloud from Ubuntu


BootStack Managed Cloud from Ubuntu. One of the functions of Ubuntu is that you can manage your cloud easily. To make it much easier, Ubuntu is introducing to you BootStack managed cloud. It is only three simple steps to get your BootStack managed cloud if you take Ubuntu. So, here are those steps. First, Ubuntu helps you to build your cloud. Build means that the team will help you to design the cloud from taking the suitable size and specifications. It will be done in your website. You can also manage it from your data center. If it is not, you can let one of their partners to help you and the first step will be done right away.

Second, Ubuntu will operate your cloud maximally. This open source software developer is supported by professionals and they are responsible to manage and monitor your cloud 24/7 whether you are a new cloud owner or the old one. This is including when there is something wrong with the network. The professional team works to repair the hardware or software so the network back to normal and you can use it just like before. Third, it is okay for you to control your own cloud especially if you are focusing on running a business. You don’t need to worry because the team is ready to train you first about how to operate your own cloud. As the result, you can do anything by yourself just like when the team does it for you. In the end, you get your freedom to manage the cloud just like what you need.

Interestingly, the BootStack from Ubuntu can be customized based on your requirement. You can customize it into three different tools such as Hosted BootStack, BootStack Direct, and BootStack for Kubernetes. The main function of Hosted BootStack is for those who need optimal customization in order to get highest performance. You can also customize it by taking BootStack Direct. In this tool, you are able to operate your cloud by yourself. The team will give instruction to you and your staffs for a few days so you can develop your team to be an expert. You can take the third take the third tool if you are focusing on Kubernetes. Everything can be managed well with Ubuntu and you can feel the result after using it. You can check the complete information about BootStack by visiting the official website, and you can start to choose the best one.



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