How to Use Account PPTP VPN on Android


How to use VPN with PPTP on Android. Surely this way very easy to You should be in Your android device. Just need to setting steps in order for Your VPN PPTP running on your smartphone. Do not know what is PPTP VPN?

Tutorial how to Setting PPTP VPN on Android:

This tutorial is taken examples for installation on Android to iOS and others later followed in subsequent postings. Please refer to the stages of tutorial how to setting Virtual Private Network PPTP. How to setting PPTP VPN or any setting it only takes a few steps to setting.

  1. Open Your android settings, go to settings/settings wireless settings and select wireless network & Networks
  2. Scroll down, select Settings and select VPN Setting
  3. Select Add VPN, and then choose Add PPTP VPN
  4. Please username and password configuration in advance if requested when you add
  5. After the configuration is completed Please edit a VPN Network such as the illustration below:
  6. Completed configuration has been completed you can already enjoy Internet with Your PPTP VPN.
  7. Done…

Please feel free to setup a PPTP VPN on android this can follow the tutorial how to setting PPTP in other Android. In principle there are all easy on the internet settings on Your Android settings. It should be.



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