How to Install ZPanel on Linux Server


How to Install ZPanel on Linux Server – ZPanel is one of open source hosting control panel. First developed in the United States by Kris Anderson. Being able to run almost in all operating systems (Windows, Linux, and OSX) make ZPanel became one of the Control Panels of the most popular Open Source at this time.

Tutorial how to Install Centos VPS at ZPanel include how someone who has the Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting control panel can install free but quality as well as ZPanel. ZPanel free hosting control panel is the best quality which has full features as well as CPanel which we often use, refer to the feature here: ZPanel Features.

Course for preparation as described in the paragraph above guidelines. You prepare the VPS Linux OS Centos 6 bit 64. We assume on a Centos 6 32 bit else runs smoothly, please try it. You must already have putty remote control for your Linux VPS console executable.

Simple steps to Install Zpanel on VPS Linux Centos 6 (32/64 bit):

  1. Login using SSH into the Server. For Windows users can use PuTTY and Linux/OSX could use the terminal with the command:

# ssh root@IP_Server

2. Download bash script installer ZPanel for Centos

for 64 bit:

# wget -O

For 32 Bit:

# wget -O

3. After the installation process, the user will be granted the credential that can be used to access the CP ZPanel. The same Data can also be found in the folder:

# /root/password.txt

4. After installation is complete, open a web browser, type the server address and enter the username and password that was provided after the installation process is complete.




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