How to Create Website and Make It Online


Steps to Create Website and Make It Online – Website is an important thing if you want to do some online activities. You can do anything with your website including for business. Before that, you have to know the basic things so you can create a successful website for your needs. In the early step, it is a must for you to choose a web host first. The idea is where you want to put your website before making it online. You can choose a web host by using the service offered by web hosting provider. Later, the provider gives you space and you can use the space to store your file, traffic of your website, firewall protection, email service, and many more.

If this process is done, now you can continue to the second step. To create a website, you also need to decide the domain name. The domain name is created so internet users can find your website while they are online. Internet users will type your domain name to the searching bar and in short, they will see your website, it is like When you have a domain name you want to use, now you have to register that domain name. There are two ways to register domain name. First you can directly register it by using ICANN but it seems complicated and need more time to finish it. Second, you can take the simple one in which the domain name will be registered by your web hosting provider.

The cost of registering your domain name will be included on the domain registration when you buy a domain name via web hosting provider. The most important thing you should know about domain name is that the name has to be free or not used by the other. If there is anyone who take the domain name first it means you have to change it or add something to make it different. If it is free, you can just registering it and the domain name becomes yours.

When you have a registered domain name, it doesn’t mean that your website is online. It needs one more step to make it online. In this step, you can use applications which help your website online. For example, you can use WebsiteWizard and free open source applications. Now, you have a website which can be managed and seen by internet users. You just need to update by adding articles, photos, videos which suit to the domain name.



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