How to Install CentOS Webpanel in VPS


In a post this time, I would like to introduce to you all about the Centos Web Panel, i.e. Free Control Panel (open source-control panel) which is designed specifically for users of OS Centos linux. According to my observation, centos is a free cpanel web panel that has the most features compared to the other free control panel, even the appearance is also very user friendly and easy to use especially for people new to VPS.

Install CentOS Web Panel
Install CentOS Web Panel

More interestingly again, CWP will you install automatically a full lamp stack complete with varnish cache so that it can make a website/blog you lighter against ram and CPU. That is why the centos web panel is very popular for users of VPS and I am sure all readers will also appreciate this control panel.

CentOS Web Panel or can we call the CWP is a free hosting control panel designed for beginners who want to use their own servers with ease. Although free, but the CWP has features that can not be underestimated as other free panel, some of the features include the presence of PHP Switcher, nginx, varnish reverse proxy USA, softaculous, file manager, and also provided installation TeamSpeak3 and ShoutCast Manager for you who want to create your own online radio.

How To Install CWP (Centos Webpanel):

  1. The Minimum System Requirement to be able to install Centos Webpanel, VPS you must meet the minimum requirement as follows: OS: CentOS 6.x (not support CentOS 7), RedHat 6.x or CloudLinux 6. x at least 1 Public IP Static Server 32 bit – 64 bit 512 MB RAM 1024 MB RAM Server – HDD – 10 GB.
  2. Update system with yum update:
# yum -y update

3. Then download and install Centos webpanel with following command: if desired using mariadb (recommended):

# cd /usr/local/src
# wget
# sh cwp-latest -d mariadb

4. If you want to use MySQL:

# cd /usr/local/src
# wget
# sh cwp-latest

5. After the installation process is complete, you can access the Centos Webpanel through https://IPaddress:2031 (SSL) or http://IPaddress:2030 (Non-SSL). and done…



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