How to Install VestaCP on VPS Os Ubuntu/Debian


Not a secret if a lot of people prefer to use the control panel to manage the server. The reason is of course due to the ease and flexibility provided by the control panel, from the set of user, system templates for web/user, Web-servers, DNS, database, e-mail etc.

Many alternative options control panel to set up a server including cPanel, webmin and zPanel. The one that started to develop and widely used is the Vesta CP. Unlike cPanel are paid, Vesta CP are Open Source and developed by the community. Excess VestaCP in itself is a complete feature coupled with simple navigation and user friendly but elegant. This is very helpful especially for beginners, the new learn about server management.


To install Vesta CP itself is very easy, only consists of three simple steps:

  1. Log into the server as root using ssh:

# ssh root@your.server.ip

2. Download file installer :

# curl -O

3. Run the installer file:

# bash

Make a note of the address, user id and password that was provided to log into VestaCP.

Open a web browser and type the address given. Please note that the address given is an encrypted page (https://) and when we open the display will be roughly like this.

This is reasonable, because the SSL certificate being used is a certificate generated by a random server. Simply select the “I Understand the Risk” – > “Add Exception” – > “Confirm Security Exception”

Next will be presented with the login page from VestaCP. Please enter your username and password above already generated.

After login, you will be greeted by VestaCP dashboard, where we can manage the resource from the server. And done. Very simple and fast, probably less than 5 minutes. Good luck



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