The easy way to resolve the Printer Error 0x00000709 and could not Set Default


Error 0x00000709 Can’t Set Default Printer error 0x00000709 Case – that occurs in this printer can be said to be a serious problem. This error is not on the printer or the printer is indeed normal fine. But the fault is located on the Windows operating system and is mostly caused by user error. Early case because the printer default setting in which already in the uninstall. But when we do uninstall the printer driver was not done in the right way. So most drivers still left on the Windows System. In the end when we will set the default printer to another could not and pops up a message error 0x00000709.

Error Printer

Why I say this is a case of error 0x00000709 problem serious? The reason even though the conditions of the printer is not problematic but the printer can’t we use for the print. We cannot do print on specific programs such as: in Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Word Excel, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, etc. When we are going to print on a particular printer setting there program does not appear. Whereas this if we check in Devices and Printers printer driver settings are correct and indeed the printer driver we have install correctly.

Case error 0x00000709 problem is that only two of the first course, we cannot do the set default printer secondly we can’t print from certain programs using the printer.

Here’s how to fix Printer Error 0x00000709 Can’t Set Default:

To address the printer error 0x00000709 solution is very easy. Here we can do two ways to solve the case of error 0x00000709 can’t set default printer. We don’t need to do a reinstall of the operating system Windows.

1. Change the Default User Account with a new

the first way we can do to eliminate the message error 0x00000709 printers and can re-create the default printer is set by changing the User Account on your computer. The User Account that you use must be changed with the new User Account. The reason is because the User Account is already contracted a disease which causes error 0x00000709

printer. To change while creating a new User Account it’s easy, you go to the Control Panel. Activate the Control Panel through the Start then Control Panel or with the shortcut to Run by pressing Windows + R on your keyboard and then type Control Panel > Enter.

If the working screen Control Panel is on, please select your Add or remove user accounts. This feature can create a new User Account, we can also delete the User Account. Note before you create a new User Account, please see if the User Account Administrator mode on your computer is made up of more than one? If there are two or more User Accounts Administrator mode then here you do not need to create a new User Account again. You simply replace the position of the User Account that is active.

I assume your computer does not have a User Account to Administrator mode again in addition to the User Account that is being used now. Then your task now is to create more User accounts. Do I please You Select Create a new account.

Please type a name for the new User Account that will be created in the New account name then You select Administrator mode. If both the last step above is finished, Select Create Account.

Now restart (restart) the computer and when the computer Start Up please select your new User Account that you created earlier. If the computer is finished doing its Start Up please You try to set the default printer error 0x00000709 cases are still there or not? This case should have already done because now your computer is already using the new User Account. If successful, please delete Your original User Account error from the Control Panel as I explain in advance.

2. Remove the Device From the Registry Editor

second way if you are lazy to make a new User Account as a first step then you can do it by deleting the old default printer device from the Registry Editor. This way is more practical and faster because we will delete directly into the source of his illness.

To remove the old printer device from the Registry Editor do I please You activate Run from Windows + R on the keyboard. You type in regedit in the Run search field and press Enter.

You discover the Device by selecting HCU (HKEY_CURRENT_USER) Software Microsoft > > > Windows NT CurrentVersion > > Windows.

Please select Device to prove if the active printer driver is contained therein. It is our previous active printer set default. Well it is a disease of all this that cause when we do set default printer error 0x00000709 message appears new. We even though removing the device. Please right choose on the Device and you select Delete.

If the Device cannot be removed, how easily You though changing Permissions be Full Control. Please select the Edit menu and then choose Permissions …

Now you select or checklist Full Control in Allow and choose OK.

Now restart (restart) the computer and after computer Start Up (Log On) perfectly, please try to test the default printer set.

OK maybe just the second trick how to fix Printer Error 0x00000709 Can’t Set Default. This step is only that I know of, so if you found another way to eliminate error 0x00000709 printer please tell only on the comment box. Good luck and good luck.



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