How To Reset Printer Canon IP2770 / IP2700


Canon printers are problematic? exit code Error 5200 ink Absorber Full Waste Tank. We lead the way easy reset Printer Canon IP 2770/IP 2700 or other brand of printer Cannon to restore default settings.

reset printer

Tutorials easy to reset Printer Canon IP2770 IP/2700

  1. Turn off the Printer Canon IP 2770/IP 2700 (electric/power cable and USB stick inserted).
  2. Press and hold the RESUME button and hold the . Press the POWER button until the green light turns on (the button resumes are not removable) The RESUME button is off (the POWER button still held down).
  3. Press button RESUME 5 times.
  4. The led will light up alternately Flash green with orange of the last orange. (not to be mistaken 4 time because the printer will die miserably, but its nature while also) Release both buttons simultaneously.
  5. Led will blink briefly after that will flame green.
  6. The computer will detect the new device, ignore only.
  7. Now the printer in a SERVICE MODE and ready to be reset

Note: If the wrong dial, disconnect the power cable and let the printer for about 2 minutes. Plug it back and repeat the steps above.

Following the steps above, then you need software Resetter Canon IP 2770/IP 2700

How to use Cannon Resetter IP 2770/IP 2700:

1. Extract software

2. Run the software

3. prepare two papers/more on printer

4. Select the menu “MAIN”, the printer will print one page

5. Select the menu “EEPROM Clear.”

6. then select menu “EEPROM”, the printer will print

7. After that turn off the Printer and turn on again.

8. For details see this image:

Setting reset



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