How to repair a hard drive is corrupted and Unreadable by the BIOS


How to fix a corrupted hard drive-if you have a hard drive are faulty, what You feel dizzy, then what will you do? There is no harm in your trying hard drive repair tips here.

How to fix a broken hard drive. Many kinds of damage to the regular hard drive bad sectors or experienced hard drive unreadable. The constraints that often occur on hard drive damage, though the hard drive malfunction can occur because of little things that we do not intentionally or often we ignore. For that let us refer to the causes of the early damages of the following hard drive.


Learn about the causes of Early damage to hard drive:

  • Don’t let Our hard drive hard drive Over, too over-complicate also kan make us work hard slow then gradually will make the hard drive become hang.
  • Hard drives are rarely cleaned, don’t get me wrong capture first, which meant hardisk is delete unused files so as not to lead to our hard drive over
  •  Don’t forget to Defragment hard drive us several months once, it is meant to maintain the stability of the hard drive. Often restarting the computer, restart the computer will also affect the performance of our hard drive.
  •  Electrical voltage is not stable or frequent up and down will make the system functions hard drive crash error disk.

The above things might we think does not matter when it will make the hard drive we are experiencing disruption even fatal damage can occur.

How to fix a corrupted hard drive

hard drive damage Usually occurs because of bad sectors, to deal with this there are some kinds of ways of early handling you should try depending on the brand of hard drive you are using.

  • For the initial handling you can use the command Format c: (adjust with the drive in the format)
  • If not successful, you can use the disk manager program from each hard drive manufacturer
  • If not managed well, you can use the HDDREG software, the software you can download on the internet
  • If still not successful, then try Low Level Format or Zero File. Format the hard drive that will result in a file on the hard disk in the is missing.
  • If you still can not, you can cut the damaged hard drive sector with a way of dividing a hard drive and do not use a damaged hard drive.

Fix hard drive Unreadable by the BIOS (Basic Input Output System)

If the damage to Your hard drive is not readable by BIOS then you should issue a time as well as energy is more complicated because it is not a problem if the hard drive can’t be read by the BIOS. There are several ways that you can try to repair the hard drive unreadable by the BIOS, here’s how you can try;

  • The first step you should look at the BIOS settings, which gives a hard drive OFF so unreadable. The solution hard drive BIOS settings Tod setting ON the hard drive.
  • Check the electric current on the hard drive cable, small errors like this often happens if you don’t pay attention to the really hard drive installation time as the cable is disconnected, an error install not suitable places etc., in this case you have to reinstall the cable hardisk.
  • Hard drive disk, see if the error of hard disk not spinning due to the flow of electricity does not support, then re check the State of the hard drive cable is in good condition, try another power cable with switch, but if the various ways you have tried but not succeeded in possibility did occur an error on the hard disk itself.
  • Check the installation of the appropriate jumper, if not indeed experience the error will be detected.



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