How to make android as a joystick PC


Android is now very compatible and supports multiple software like android can be used as a joystick on your computer so you can easily get to play games that you like but you need to know well in doing this you need to give it a try, sometimes successfully sometimes also does so from that I do not provide any support android with this software to be able to serve as a joystick to your PC or laptop.

Joystick PC

Android apps to make the android as a joystick just call it the name Mobile Gamepad this application can turn your mobile device into a generic wireless gamepad, which allows you to play a lot of games, each game with controls its own costume in addition you also can use accelometer on your android so that every movement can be connected in android.

How do I make the android as a joystick so that there is no need to buy it, even though the price is cheap but the joystick we need tools that are simple and versatile Yes like samrtphone could use anything, here’s how to let android can serve as a joystick with ease.

How To Make Android As A Joystick:

For how to use this application is quite easy to do not need other things everyone can certainly desist easily, here’s how to utilise Mobile gamepad on android:

  1. First please download the gamepad in the android Mobile application.
  2. after that install as usually
  3. after that connect your wifi android and pc in 1 server only well I’ll succeed so intent (there are many apps to make free in laptops)
  4. If you don’t want to bother changing the computer to free you can use tethering on your android, so hp android and the same computer to connect to the same server 1.
  5. Finished his game and enjoy.




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