How to Fix Speakers Blackberry Unique is broken


This story is the author’s personal experience with blackberry 9700 onyx 1 who at one time is no longer sound. The voice in question is the sound coming from the back of the phone speaker that emits when there is an incoming call or play a song. While the sound from the speakers in to listen to the caller is still functioning properly. In short the bb speaker is damaged. A question of magnitude, much less the point of a mobile phone if it can’t pull out the sound? Is like a sky without stars.

Blackberry error

This had made me frustrated and plan to take it to the place of service. Well, if you also experience the same thing, don’t rush to the first to services Your favorite blackberry. There is a unique way to address this and has already proved to work well.

I found a tutorial on how to fix Blackberry speaker by means of “lack of sense” in a video that is on youtube. How this could be applied to almost any type of Blackberry, from the older to the newer most types. Here’s a video how to fix a broken blackberry speaker.

The core of the video is that we prepare a card/paper is thick, then cut it to the size of the hole and then up in blackberry speaker. The above is a great alternative way and not success 100%. If you want to give it a try, please try it with Your own risk risk. But considering how much conditions due to the speaker when the Blackberry arrived no longer reads, I think these tips are worth Your try.



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