Create a Nameserver and Pointing Domain to VestaCP


After the VestaCP control panel is installed properly and the domain or website has been added, then it’s time to redirect your domain or website is added to Your VestaCP VPS. There are several ways to redirect a domain to VPS of them using nameservers and DNS Management uses as A record and others to the VPS.


In this article, we will discuss about how to point your domain or website to the VestaCP control panel by using the Nameservers and DNS Management domain. We also recommend that you read the Tutorial on VestaCP to make sure you don’t skip steps.

How to make Nameserver VestaCP

there are two (2) stages that must be done to make the nameservers which are making the Child Nameservers and nameserver record in ensuring the control panel VPS-VestaCP has been added and accordingly.

Make the Child Nameserver:

Nameserver Child is a feature on the domain that allows a person or owner of the domain is to create your own nameserver and can be used in that domain or other domains. Without making the Child Nameserver first, then automatically the nameservers that are created will not be used.

Add Record (NS) Nameservers VestaCP

so that domain using Your nameservers (in this example and, then you should do the VestaCP Addon Domain will wear the nameservers and nameserver record make sure (NS) for and already exists in your domain.

The intent of this configuration is the domain will use the nameservers of the main domain example themselves and not take away from its primary domain or hostname as it will use the child. Furthermore, you can use the and on the menu so that your domain name server leads to a VestaCP VPS.

Completed. After the update servers, then you need to wait for a maximum of 24 hours for the domain point to a VPS. This process is called with Propagation pointing or DNS.



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